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We celebrated a milestone at the pharmacy this week.  Julie has been working here for ten years.  It made me think about loyalty.  

People tell me that loyalty is dead.  Evidently customers aren’t loyal, they are always trying to find the best deal.  Evidently staff aren’t loyal, they are always looking for a job with better pay or more career advancement. Evidently employers aren’t loyal either, they are only interested in the bottom line.   Frederick Reichheld wonders the same, asking if all we have are short term relationships between virtual strangers?   

But having Julie here for ten years, another staff member for nineteen, and two others for nine, and the rest between two and eight proves that loyalty is very much alive. 

It is good to be loyal.  You build up history with one another.  You get to know each other really well.  You can support each other.  But more importantly when you are loyal you realise that it is not all about me.  

Sometimes to be loyal to someone will cost me financially or cost me my time.  But the other person benefits enormously and that is more important. 

So thank you Julie for sticking it out with me.  I know that I’m not always the best boss around, and that I have my bad days too.  But I am grateful for your longevity, our customers have developed friendships with you, and the other staff value your support day in and day out.