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My old high school is having its 60th reunion next month and my school’s motto is:

Digne Lampada Tradas
- Be worthy to carry the torch


Thinking about this reunion, sent me on a trip down memory lane. 

My five years at high school were great - I loved most of the time that I spent there.  I had inspirational teachers, and made life-long friends. Between my chemistry teacher, Miss Clark, and my biology teacher, Mr Keller, I was inspired to choose pharmacy as my career.  A decision I’ve never regretted.

They, along with tutors from pharmacy school, passed me a torch that burns stronger with each passing year. This enables me to make the most of the opportunity pharmacy gives me to help improve people’s lives. 


Handing over the torch

During the course of a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree students spend time in a community pharmacy:

  • observing
  • talking to patients
  • assist in prescription dispending

We’ve hosted several this year and I’ve been impressed by the high calibre coming through. We’ve also had some pharmacy interns come to work and broaden their experience before becoming registered pharmacists.    

Clive's Chemist Intern 1Clive's Chemist InternClive's Chemist Intern


So I return to my school motto

Digne Lampada Tradas

Am I still worthy to carry the torch that has been passed onto me? 

Am I doing all I can to pass it on to those around me?

This picture from school is of an ancient Greek athlete from the Athenian Games. The most prestigious event was the torch relay race. This involved running while keeping the torch burning. Then handing, the still ignited torch, to the next runner.


That sounds familiar!

Our modern day parallel is the Torch Relay that precedes the Olympic Games. The people carrying the Olympic flame are chosen because of the excellent contribution:

  • they have made in their chosen field
  • their communities
  • their country

My hope is that the students, who work in our pharmacy, will one day be able and proud to hand over the torch of improving lives.