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It’s easy to overdo Christmas. I know when I’m exhausted and stressed, I don’t always appreciate what the holiday season is all about. 

So, what are the things we can do to give our Christmas the meaning it deserves?


  1. Putting on the ritz 

If you can’t be content until your house is ‘House and Garden’ perfect and your menu is Annabel Langbein divine, then maybe you need some perspective. Christmas is not about buying and serving the finest of everything.

It’s about faith, generosity and family. Making your house and table sparkle is fine, if we give our full attention to what matters most.

Everything else is just decoration.

 Christmas Dinner Expectations

  1. Hunting for perfection

As a dad and a son, I know that choosing the perfect gift for your dad is impossible. Every year, you play the what-do-you-want game for weeks, until you finally give up and grab the first pair of socks you see.

You both know you’re wasting your money, but you have to buy him something!

Just show him that you took the time to remember him. Spending time with him may just be the best gift you can give.

 Dad's ideal Christmas

  1. Taking a moment

There’s a lot to do before Christmas.  But somehow by December 25th everything that needs to be done gets done. 

In the lead up, how about blocking off a day or even an hour for yourself.

Don’t buy anything for anyone or make a mental grocery list. Just stop.

For me this means taking time to go for a run or a swim, or taking my wife out for a coffee.  Perhaps cosying up on the couch to read a great novel or rewatching your favourite movies is your ideal afternoon.  Think of it as a mini Christmas present to yourself.


It’s important to realise that Christmas is meant to be enjoyed – not endured!