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I came across this quote, and it got me thinking about how important it is to be who you are.


Every day we have people coming into the pharmacy providing a rich tapestry for our community. I’ve found that every person I meet is unique and possesses:

  • hidden talents
  • strengths
  • something to offer that no one else can


The people I admire most are those that have the courage to be themselves, whether it be celebrating their quirkiness, magnifying their differences or simply celebrating their freedom to forget societal norms. They are relaxed enough in their own skin to be themselves.


It’s so easy to disregard people who don’t fit our idea or opinion of what is acceptable, dismissing those who choose to ‘swim upstream’, while the rest of us are cruising down.  But those are the people who challenge the status quo and force us to reevaluate and discuss the important issues. 


Our world would be completely different if Columbus hadn’t tried to sail around the globe or Kate Shepherd had never asked why women couldn’t vote.   


So the next time you see someone on the street who might seem odd or different, stop and wonder if you have the same courage to express your own individuality.