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In May I suffered an injury during marathon training. I’d been running up to 100km a week and was aiming to go under 3½ hours in the Wellington Marathon. However, I overdid it and ruptured my Achilles tendon.

At work my pace is 100km/hour as well. Recently, my team had had enough, and told me in no uncertain terms to slow down.

I realised these two outcomes were connected. I had to change my way of living – and slow down. This is not an easy thing for me to do.

Why is it so important to pace myself better?

I realise that not everything must be done today. I need to focus on what’s important, and spend time slowly achieving those things. But when I’m used to trying to do 100 things at once, how do I prioritise?

  1. One solution is to tackle three action items only each day, aside from the essential chores of life. I can decide the night before what the three important tasks for the next day will be, and commit to doing them. I can take on the hardest thing first, when I’m freshest, and if something becomes overwhelming, I can break it down into smaller parts, and sort them one at a time.
  2. I need to take the noise out of my life, and gain clarity and perspective. By simplifying my approach to life and figuring out what is most important to me, I can focus on the things that I enjoy and which benefit others, without getting distracted by clutter.
  3. If I say “no” more often, then my workload will decrease! Saying “no” doesn’t mean I don’t care, it means I can’t do this right now because I know that taking on too much may result in nothing getting done properly.

So now I am back training for my first marathon, which will be run in 2019 – lots of time to train slowly. Plus, who cares whether I run under 3½ hours. What’s important is that I finish.

~ Clive

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