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I have had the most wonderful holiday. We took our daughter down to Dunedin to help her settle her in to Otago University. Then my wife and I had a marvellous two weeks touring the South Island. We saw spectacular scenery, caught up with friends, and enjoyed lots of lovely dinners.   

One of the other things I really enjoyed was taking a nap every day. I felt energised and recharged every afternoon. This got me thinking, and I did a bit of research …

Taking a nap of 20 to 30 minutes has many benefits:

  1. A quick nap in the early afternoon when we start feeling a bit sleepy restores energy and focus. It won’t leave us feeling groggy or interfere with sleeping at night.

Secret tip: drinking coffee just before taking a nap increases the effect of the caffeine when we wake up!

  1. Naps help prevent burnout when we’re on the go all the time, and if we’re not getting the recommended amount of sleep at night (seven hours). A 30-minute nap each day can relieve stress and “reboot” us so we are more resilient and alert.
  2. A nap can restore the senses of sight, hearing, and taste, and improve creativity.
  3. Napping reduces the risk of heart disease.
  4. A nap makes us more energetic and productive.

How to nap

  • Take a 20 or 30-minute nap straight after lunch. If it’s not possible to do it then, fit it in before 4pm.
  • Try to nap at the same time every day.
  • Keep your nap short. Set your phone alarm so you don’t sleep for longer than half an hour.
  • Nap in the dark by turning off the light or use an eye mask.
  • Cover yourself with a blanket as body temperature falls when we’re asleep.
  • Do it discreetly – some workplaces may not understand the benefits of napping.

Research has shown that people who nap are not lazy – they are smart and productive!

~ Clive

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