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I always try to be positive about Wainuiomata, but I realise there is a problem with how our town is perceived by people outside our valley, and unfortunately by some who live here.

Recently I’ve been watching a documentary about the American Roosevelts, set during the American Spanish war. This show presents a time when the American army asked for more soldiers, supplies, and guns to which Theodore Roosevelt replied, ‘Do what you can with what you have where you are.’

We must do what we can with what we have until our brand of ‘Wainuiomata’ invokes positive feelings and images for everyone who comes into contact it.   Instead of our town's image riding on the state of the mall, we want people to know that being in Wainuiomata is a wonderful place to live with many great benefits!

For people living, working and investing here, there are huge advantages. Wainuiomata provides:

  • affordable housing
  • bountiful outdoor opportunities
  • a safe home for our native kiwi birds
  • lots of space for new development
  • the potential for a vibrant town centre
  • some of the most beautiful bush walks this country has to offer


Wainuiomata has special qualities, special people and special stories.

But I must be real. There are places with better weather. There are places with better beaches. There are places with better scenery, or a warmer climate. We all know people that have moved away for something better, only to be drawn back. Why??

Because the thrill of scenery fades. After a while you don’t notice that snowcapped mountain, or beautiful ocean view. After a while you get sick of being hot all the time, and long for those crisp and clear, winter mornings.

There’s a call stronger than all of that. It is that emotional connection you have with a place. It is the sense of community that keeps people together. It is the friends you make that keep you grounded and hold you firm.

It is the feeling that you belong to each other, and the knowledge that your needs, and everyone else’s needs will be met because of your commitment to be together.

Let's do what we can with what we have, with each other, so the whole world knows how great our place is. 

That's what makes a community sing.