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“I have been thinking about the importance of taking the opportunities that come your way, and how important it is to always be open to something new.”

When opportunity knocks, I like to open the door with an eager smile, and embrace my surprise guest like I would a dear, old friend! Of course, I wish I could say that I always embrace opportunities in my life with such enthusiasm but sometimes I don’t.

When we treat opportunities like strangers instead of friends, we’re missing out on a chance to try something new, and to get out of our comfort zone.

Recently, I missed out on a great chance to try something I wouldn’t usually do, with a friend who I enjoy spending time with. When I look at it now, I don’t know what I was thinking, as it was a win-win situation!

This got me thinking about some of the reasons why we make decisions like these, especially when saying “yes” would be in our best interest. A common reason is our fear of the unknown and our comfort with the familiar. Being open to new experiences and opportunities is not always easy, but, when we push ourselves to take the plunge anyway, we can feel a combination of relief and amazement! I would assume this is partly because we’ve succeeded in overcoming some of our fears.  

With winter on its way, and some long, cold nights ahead of us, it could be a good idea to have a plan, a set of goals or a focus in place – something positive to engage our thoughts and to keep us motivated and moving forward.

My focus this winter is to keep an open mind and to push myself to try new things. With a little practice, and a lot of patience, it’s possible to see opportunities where before we saw only problems.

And the next time that opportunity knocks, I plan to embrace it like a friend, and not ignore it like a stranger!

- Clive