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Did you know, New Zealand has the 2nd highest rate of asthma in the world and yes, people will die from an asthma attack.  Something as simple as blowing up a balloon can be difficult for children with asthma.

Most of us are familiar with the symptoms of asthma that include wheezing, coughing,
(particularly during the night), chest tightness and sometimes gasping for breath. Some people have one or more of these symptoms most of the time, while others can get them suddenly, when they are having an ‘asthma attack’.  It can be particularly distressing when these symptoms occur and it is important to try and understand what is happening, how to control them and how to prevent them from occurring.

What causes asthma?

Asthma is often triggered when things such as dust mites and pollen cause breathing tubes to react and become tighter.  Cigarette smoke, changes in air temperature, and other lung illnesses (e.g. bronchitis), can also trigger asthma.  The tubes swell and mucus builds-up, making it harder for air to go in and out of the lungs and causing a whistle-like, wheezy, sound. 
Helping people manage their asthma requires a team approach and the pharmacists at Clive’s Chemist can be part of that team.  "We provide patients with advice about how their medicines work and the correct use of medicines (especially inhalers and spacers) according to their own particular asthma action plans, to get the best results,” says Clive. 
The main types of asthma medicines are preventers, relievers and, symptom controllers.  When used every day preventers are important because they keep asthma under control.  Relievers are for use during an 'attack', to open-up the tubes, relax tightened muscles and relieve symptoms.  Symptom controllers relax airway muscles, and are generally used every day, along with a preventer. 

By following their own action plans, people can balance the use of preventers, relievers and symptom controllers to keep their asthma under control, take action early during an asthma 'attack', to prevent more serious problems, and bring their asthma back under control.


Want to know more?

The Asthma Foundation website is a fantastic source of information, including what to do in an asthma emergency.  And of course, if you have any questions about your asthma medications or controlling your systems, do pop in and see on of the expert team at Clive's Chemist.  

Visit the Asthma Foundation website.


Stop sore throats hurting hearts

We are seeing so many people in the pharmacy right now with sore throats!  Thankfully most winter sore throats, if treated quickly, can be easily managed with lozenges, throat spray or even gargling with salt water.  

Left untreated however, and a sore throat can lead to rheumatic fever and possibly heart damage in children.  

View Stop Sore Throats Hurting Hearts video

Don't take the chance with your child's health.  Pop into the pharmacy, talk to your GP or call Healthline on 0800 611 116 (available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week). 


Clive's Happy Thought

We're already a month into our new business and I am truly amazed by the support that has been shown to us by you, our customers.  Many people are commenting that they choose us because of our team, our friendliness and because we go the extra mile - not because we are part of a national chain.

I read once that ‘a business should always reflect the values of its owner.’ ("What Great Retailers Do", David Jenkin).   It is my hope that the new business we are building here will do more than that, that it will also reflect the values of our community. 

Thank you Wainuiomata, for your continued trust and support in us.