The Happy Chemist

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Kirsten started here on 12 March 2007 fresh from Kirkaldies, when we were lucky enough to lure her back to the real world of the suburbs!


It’s wonderful having Kirsten on our team. Throughout the last 10 years, Clive’s Chemist has undergone several changes – of which Kirsten has been at the forefront. Some milestones include:

  • A major store refit
  • Bringing Revlon products to our customers
  • Going independent and becoming Clive’s Chemist


A lot has changed over 10 years - her hair got shorter, and her family got bigger! 


Through them all, Kirsten has guided the retail side of the business to success after success after success. Clive loves the support she gives him, and knows that he can depend on her to give anything a go – even if she doesn’t agree with him. Kirsten displays the Happy Chemist attitude of caring for our customers, joining in the fun, and being extremely positive. And of course, she does everything to a world class standard. So Clive was really happy to shout Kirsten and her husband Nigel, to a weekend away in Queenstown in April.