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It is important to know the defibrillator locations in your area and now Way of Life Gym on Queen St has a defibrillator. This is great because a person's chance of surviving a cardiac arrest doubles if they get a jolt from a defibrillator within the first couple of minutes. This brings the number of publicly available defibrillators in Wainuiomata up to nine. 

St John medical director Dr Tony Smith said it was important to remember that a heart attack was not just something that happened to old people - it could happen to anyone, at any time.

"Cardiac arrest is when somebody's heart suddenly stops beating, usually without warning," he says. 

"In New Zealand, every day, on average, it happens to five or six people. It is far more common than deaths on our roads."

A person's chance of surviving a cardiac arrest was about 15 per cent but that jumped up to more than 30 per cent if CPR was started straight away and a defibrillator was attached within two or three minutes, he said.

Clive suggests people take the time to find out where the closest defibrillator is to their work, home and clubs, as well as download the app, ‘AED Locations v2’ which will pinpoint the nearest one wherever you are. It’s also a timely reminder to update your first aid certificate. Both St Johns and Red Cross run excellent courses which you can check out here: