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We say it every year and we make no apologies for nagging - please get your flu jab!

No matter how fit, healthy or tough you are, you’re not immune to the flu. It can strike at any time and will leave you unable to do just about anything. The flu can make you seriously ill and confine you to bed for at least a week.

In New Zealand, flu is a significant public health issue. Each year it has a large impact on our community, with 10-20% of New Zealanders infected. And every year, thousands of kiwis need the attention of their doctor or are hospitalized with influenza; and yes, some die. The flu has a sudden onset and is accompanied by some (or all) of the following symptoms:

  • fever and chills
  • cough
  • body aches and pains
  • fatigue
  • headache

Influenza can cause pneumonia and can act as a trigger for existing medical conditions, making them worse.

Clive’s top tips to prevent the flu

A flu vaccination can offer proven, effective immunity against the virus. It is free for those at high risk from complications. Talk to your doctor or the Happy Chemist team to see if you qualify. For everyone else, the cost is just $35. You can get your flu jab here in the familiar and private environment of our clinic in Clive's Chemist, Monday - Friday.

Flu shots

"It's quick, convenient, and you don't need an appointment, so come on in and see us. We'd much rather you come in now for the flu jab than need to come in later for flu medication!"
- Clive

A strong immune system through good diet and rest will also help you ward off the flu virus. We have a range of supplements to give your immunity system a boost, so come in and talk to us about what's best for you.

Pay attention to hygiene. When coughing, cover your mouth, use disposable tissues, and wash your hands. And if you are unwell - please stay at home (apart from your visit to us of course!) Otherwise, you'll spread the virus, making other people sick too.

Let’s keep Wainuiomata happy and healthy!


International Day of Happiness and Easter Cheer

Of course we celebrated Being Happy at the Happy Chemist. We had a great day with happy cupcakes and we made our own happy video of our crazy happiness joy bringers

Congratulations to Cecily Archer who won our Happiness Gift Basket. Easter gave us a chance to celebrate as well.  we hope you had a wonderful holiday too.

Clive's team at easter

Eggsactly how to flu jabs work?

Will the flu vaccine make you sick?? This is a cool video explaining how the flu vaccine is made and answers some common questions about the vaccine.

Clive's Happy Thought

Albert Einstein Quote

I was at McDonald's in Levin and read this quote on the wall. How about trying something new this April!