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This month, we're focusing on heart health; something that is relevant to everyone, whatever your age.

Why you need to read this 

An unhealthy heart (cardiovascular disease) is the most common cause of death for New Zealanders ( There are reasons why people are at risk of cardiovascular disease.  Some of these can't be changed, such as gender, race, age and family history of early death from heart attack and stroke.  But there are other risk factors that can definitely be controlled.  These are your weight, what you eat, your blood cholesterol levels, blood pressure and blood glucose levels, smoking and your level of physical activity.


Top tips for a healthy heart

  • Visit your doctor regularly for a check-up – males from age 45 and women from 55.
  • Keep your body weight in the ideal range – ask any of the pharmacists at Clive's Chemist how to calculate your ideal weight. 
  • Eat for a healthy heart.  This will help you maintain an ideal body weight, and keep your blood pressure, blood cholesterol and blood glucose under control. The medicines you may have needed to control these conditions are not required, or lower doses can be taken. A heart healthy diet includes foods low in saturated fat, salt and sugar, and includes fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grain breads and cereals. 
  • Be a non-smoker.  If you do have diabetes and/or high blood pressure, being a non-smoker means you can achieve better management of these conditions.
  • Finally, be physically active.  Not marathons, just moderate physical activity for 30 minutes a day, on 5 or more days per week, is all you need to help your heart.  Try fast walking, aqua-jogging, mowing lawns, washing the car - or even skipping!


Skip your way to a healthier heart

According to research cited on the Heart Foundation website, just ten minutes of skipping a day can improve physical fitness and provide the same benefits as 30 minutes of

  • jogging
  • two sets of a tennis game or
  • 650m of swimming.

Skipping also has loads of other health benefits such as improved memory and building strong bones. Read all about it here.


Talk to the experts

Remember to seek medical advice before starting any new diet or exercise programme, or pop in and have a chat with our pharmacists if you have any questions. 


Clive's Optimal Heart Solution

Just THREE essential treatments will help keep your heart strong and keep you feeling great:

Fish Oils can lower your cholesterol and inflammation.  Studies have shown that they can reduce the risk of death after a heart attack by 50%.  No medicines have such powerful benefits. Fish oils also help reduce aches and pains (including back ache), improve skin, assist brain function (including mood and concentration), improve glaucoma, as well as helping many other health conditions.

Magnesium can increase energy levels, reduce muscle twitches and cramps.  It can also reduce blood pressure, anxiety and agitation.  It  lowers bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol, prevents diabetes, improves bone density, headaches, migraines, memory and helps you get a good night’s sleep.

CoEnzyme Q10 may lower blood pressure, reduce heart failure, stabilise heart beat, prevent stroke, and improve cholesterol. The bonus is that it may also improve kidney function, enhance the immune system, lower blood sugar levels in diabetics, improve energy, reduce muscle pain, prevent migraine, improve gum disease, improve asthma, improve psoriasis and reduce skin wrinkles.

Most people don’t notice when their heart starts to get a bit weaker as it happens gradually.  But by taking these three nutrients you will have greater energy and vitality.  In other words, a healthier you on the outside and on the inside!


World Pharmacists' Day - Have you got what it takes?

 Being a pharmacist is so much more than simply popping pills into bottles!  We're passionate about helping people to be the (happiest) and healthiest they can be.  

Check out this video, The Pharmacist Hunter, for a sneak peek at the huge variety of things a pharmacist can get up to. And if you, or anyone you know is keen to find out more about a career in pharmacy, pop on in and talk to one of us.  We'd be delighted to point you in the right direction.

One person who definitely has what it takes is our latest intern Philip.  

Philip is in his third year of Pharmacy School and was here on placement, getting some practical experience and making up medications in the pharmacy.

Thanks to everyone who made him feel welcome. This was Philip's first visit to Wainuiomata and hopefully not his last.


Clive's Happy Thought

"Always listen to your heart.  It may be on your left, but it is always right."