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Sleep restores our bodies and minds so it pays to ensure we’re getting 7-8 hours every night. Sleep problems can be caused by a number of issues, so identifying the cause is the first step to overcoming them.

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The benefits of a good night's sleep

Watch this video to learn how sleep restructures the brain so we can remember all the important things.

Mareta’s 10-year Anniversary


They say that good things happen in threes!  Well that is certainly true at Clive’s Chemist.  This year we have celebrated Julie and Kim working at Clive's for ten years.  Now this month we place the spotlight on Mareta. 

Mareta came to Clive’s Chemist for work experience when she was still a student at Sacred Heart College. Clive noticed something special in her and offered her a full time job as soon as the opportunity arose…and she never left. 

While working at the pharmacy Mareta gained her qualification as a Pharmacy Technician, and now studies part time at Massey University for a Bachelor of Business.

Clive always thought she would be good in parliament – but he doesn’t any more.  She is way too good for that. Mareta is very competent in the dispensary and is a very hard worker.  Always honest, always loyal, always diligent.  We are proud to have her on the team.
Mareta displays the Happy Chemist attitude in caring for our customers, joining in the fun and doing everything to a world class standard. 
Clive sent Mareta and her partner John to Queenstown for the weekend to celebrate her 10 years with Clive's Chemist.

Clive's happy thought

A song to Sing

My son is currently studying Health Science at Otago University and he’s finding the going tough.  The study; the transition from school to university; and the change from home life to student life in a new city.

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