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Thanks to everyone who entered our competition launching our new website. Our winner is … Christine Gilbert. Congratulations on your $100 dinner voucher at La Bella Italia. Thank you for these kind words:


“I have had many years of service from Clive and his team. My family and I are always greeted with a smile and nothing is ever too much for them. Clive and Jo have known our boys since they were little and always ask after them, especially our son who now lives overseas. It gives us a feeling of family and community with the staff to have this interest shown towards the family.  Thanks for your years of service, and look forward to being part of your 'family' for many more years to come.”


Thank you to everyone who entered, your stories warmed our hearts.  Check out more wonderful stories from our customers. 

Are you surviving winter?

Cold and Flu

This is when an infected person coughs or sneezes, or if you touch something that they have been in contact with. Therefore, if you lead a busy lifestyle and interact with lots of people, your chances of getting infected increase substantially!We know, that despite your best efforts to build up your immune system, winter coughs and colds are an annual event. The common cold affects your upper airways and is easily transferred from one individual to another by ‘droplet spread.’

There’s no ‘cure’ for the common cold but there are three things you can do to make life easier for yourself and others:

  • Immune boosters are products we take daily. They help to boost your body’s immune system. This gives your body the ability to fight off colds and infections more effectively, lessening the severity of your cold.
  • Natural symptomatic relief. There are natural remedies to help decongest your nasal passages, clear a chesty cough or soothe a sore throat.
  • Cold and flu products work to help you feel better while you’re taking them. They have a selection of specific ingredients to relieve different symptoms. Some dry up your runny nose, some relieve pain, some suppress your dry cough, and some have a sedating antihistamine to help you rest.

But the best advice we can offer is to – talk to us!

Talking to your chemist

Our trained staff will recommend a treatment to relieve your symptoms. It’s important to talk to a trained professional, rather than visit the supermarket, or take what a friend is using. If you’re too sick to come in email or call us for a chat. Coughs and colds don’t’ disappear overnight. But it’s our job to make sure you’re back on your feet as soon as possible.

Coughs and colds in children

Baby cold and flu

Young children, toddlers and babies frequently suffer from sniffles. This is hard on babies and parents because most cough mixtures are not recommended for children under six. We found this video useful. It provides some practical actions you can take, for your children, to help them get better.

 Kim’s 10-year anniversary

Kim's 10th Anniversary at Clive's Chemist

This month our staff spotlight falls on the wonderful Kim. After having a family, Kim returned to her career and began working with us in 2006.

She’s a laugh a minute - her wit and humour make us smile every day.  Kim works hard to keep the dispensary processes flowing well, and keeps our pharmacists focused.Kim is very kind and generous; she has a big heart. We love that Kim ensures everyone at work celebrates their birthday with a homemade cake.  She’s great at making people feel included and valued.

Kim in Queenstown

We wanted to thank her for all her hard work and dedication to Clive’s Chemist and the Wainuiomata community. So we treated Kim, and her husband John, to a weekend away in Queenstown. Kim’s definitely earned some fun and adventure in the stunning South Island.




Clive's happy thought

50 years

Two weeks ago I turned 50. I wondered if I would wake up suddenly wiser, or with an increase in aches and pains. But 50 felt no different than 49 — which is true of most milestone more.