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The team at Clive's Chemist congratulate Progressive NZ for believing enough in the future of Wainuiomata’s business district to take a punt with the Mall. This is an exciting development for our community.

All the local retailers have been waiting for someone with money and vision, to work with us and help our town centre realise its full potential. I will certainly be contacting the new owners soon.  

The central retailers on Queen St, the Mall, and the Strand should now work together for the good of the community.

Our town centre has the capacity to be a vibrant happening place. And love it or hate it, the Mall is its heart.


What happened to summer?


Well, just as I was wondering where the summer had gone, it suddenly arrived and the weather was beautiful for a whole week.

Then the wind changed and now it feels like were in the depths of autumn!

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Protect yourself from the flu

Anyone can catch the flu – it doesn’t matter how fit and healthy you are. And having the flu last year is no guarantee of immunity, as flu strains change from year to year.

Having the flu is unpleasant, and can be serious for folks getting long in the tooth, or those with long-term medical conditions.

Getting vaccinated each year greatly increases your chances of avoiding the flu, and reduces the risk of passing it to the elderly and sick in our community. It also means less days off work, and more time with whanau and friends.


You might be eligible for a free vaccine

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