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Where there are children, germs often follow and schools are a breeding ground for bugs.  However, with our help you can work towards your child’s healthiest year yet.


The best way to combat potential school absences is to increase your child’s immunity by introducing a daily multi-vitamin.


Not only will your kids be in for a treat with the yummy range we have on offer, but they stand a far better chance of seeing out the school year without major illness.


The other common nemesis of school parents are nits. 

Whether you plan to prevent them before they appear, or need something on hand to stop the itch in its tracks, we offer a variety of head lice products to help manage this scratchy situation and stop them spreading to the entire family.

Don’t let this year be lost to schoolyard sickness or itchiness.  Stock up on these health essentials and talk to us today to prepare your child for A+ health in 2017.