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Spring can be an uncomfortable time of year, with sniffles, itching, and sneezing plaguing the estimated one million or so New Zealanders who suffer from hay fever.

If you’re among this number, then Instead of enjoying the Spring blooms, you’re probably trying to avoid the airborne pollens from trees, grasses, weeds, and mould.

Spring into action

We recommend an action plan so you can make the most of the season. Here at Clive’s Chemist, we have an extensive range of products designed to manage or eliminate allergies. For example:

  • eye drops to counter dryness or irritation
  • antihistamines to ease itching
  • nasal sprays to dry up the congestion that accompanies over-exposure to pollen.

Ways to reduce your allergy symptoms

  1. Avoid going outdoors on very humid or windy days, especially between 5am and 10am when pollen is being released.
  2. Keep an eye on the daily rankings for allergens, including seasonal tree pollens, grasses, weeds, and outdoor moulds. Stay indoors when levels are elevated for the allergens that you’re sensitive to.
  3. Shower more often each day to wash pollen from your skin and reduce the effects of constant contact with allergens.
  4. Wash your hair at night, especially if you use hair products that can trap pollen.
  5. Use a saline sinus rinse to wash out pollen that can get trapped in your nose and cause allergic reactions.
  6. Avoid hanging out your washing between 5am and 10am, as the fabrics can trap pollen which can then be transferred to your skin from the clothes and sheets.
  7. Keep your windows closed at night to avoid pollen coming into the house from 5am when it’s being blown around.

Drop in and see us at Clive’s Chemist to discuss your Spring action plan to beat hay fever, so you can smell the roses!