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Mouth Ulcers

This can be a busy and stressful time of the year meaning you’re more susceptible to mouth ulcers. These can be very painful, make you miserable – not something you need while you prepare race to towards Christmas. 



Damage to the protective lining of your mouth can lead to mouth ulcers and usually develop when you’re feeling stressed or run down. Ulcers can be caused by:

  • eating or drinking very hot or acidic foods/drinks
  • having poorly-fitting dentures that rub the gums
  • biting your inner cheeks


“some medicines have the side effect of drying out your mouth, potentially leading to ulcers. If you take regular medicines and get ulcers often, come in and see us.”


How to avoid them

Prevent ulcers from developing by:

  • keeping stress levels down
  • getting plenty of physical exercise
  • getting a good night’s
  • eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • eating whole grain breads and cereals
  • eating food rich in vitamins B and C vitamins
  • taking vitamin B and C supplements


Also, having good oral hygiene is important. Remember to brush your teeth regularly with a soft toothbrush, book regular dental check-ups, and ensure your dentures fit well.


“If your mouth ulcers start to bleed a lot, you get them often (such as every two weeks), or they take longer than three to four weeks to heal, then you need to see a doctor. These may be warning signs of other illnesses that need attention.”



Ulcers usually clear-up without treatment in one to two weeks. If you’re feeling really uncomfortable, there’s a wide range of medicines to provide relief, aid healing, and reduce the pain. Go B complex, pictured below is a great example. However, there are many treatments available over the counter, so come in and see us.