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We are lucky to be surrounded by beautiful green bush in Wainuiomata. For those with allergies, however, this can mean lots of sneezing, wheezing and feeling lousy.

Do you think you might be suffering from pollen allergies? Seasonal hay fever is one of the most common types of allergic condition in New Zealand. Those who are allergic to pollen usually start to display symptoms in their early teens.

Typical hay fever symptoms include an itchy runny nose, sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, and a tickly and scratchy throat – all of which generally get worse when you go outside! The main culprit is introduced perennial ryegrass, which produces masses of wind-blown pollen from about September right through to February.

Symptoms vary widely, from mild to more debilitating. Asthma, for example, can be triggered or made worse by a pollen allergy. Be aware if this is the case for you or a family member, and get prepared with the recommended medications.

Here are some simple tips to reduce your allergy symptoms:

  • Avoid the outdoors between 5am and 10am as this is when pollen is released.
  • During the day your skin and hair will collect pollen. Having more frequent showers will help wash away the trapped pollen, and reduce your constant exposure.
  • Rinsing your sinus passages with a saline wash can wash away trapped pollen.
  • Try to keep your windows closed at night to avoid pollen being blown inside your home.

Here at Clive’s Chemist we make it our mission to help you get back to a life without those annoying symptoms.

We have the allergy experts to help create your optimum spring survival solution, tailored to manage or eliminate your allergies!

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