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Christmas is fast approaching and it’s easy to get caught up in all the socialising, late nights, and mounds of tempting food and drink. Here are some tips to help you get through:

Stop eating when you feel full

When you’ve had enough to eat and drink, stop! Also avoid high-fat snacks.

Alternate drinking alcohol with water

Stay well hydrated especially in the hotter weather by alternating each alcoholic drink with a glass of water.

Never drink on an empty stomach

Line your stomach with food before you go out celebrating, and avoid skipping meals. Know how much alcohol you’re consuming and never drive if you’ve been drinking.

Maintain your exercise regime

You’ll feel good and reap the health benefits, plus exercise provides a time out from a busy house. Or combine fitness with socialising by joining in the backyard cricket match.

It’s fine to say no

You don’t need to feel obliged to attend every party you’re invited to. You can always arrange to meet up with people in the New Year when things are quieter.

Healthy Christmas spread

If you’re hosting a party, offer your guests delicious, healthy salads and fresh fruit platters. Browse the internet for ideas. If you’re taking a plate, make it a healthy option.

Get plenty of sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep will keep you feeling refreshed and energised to enjoy your precious time off.


Managing Christmas stress

Plan ahead

Decide in advance who will host family gatherings and meals, write out the menu and make a list of everything you need so you won't have to dash to the shops at the last minute.

Host a potluck meal

Rather than taking on the whole dinner yourself, recruit others to share in food preparation. People like to help out. Ask them to bring a side dish or another item to lighten the burden.

Stick to a budget

Plan how much you'll spend on presents, food and other expenses, and follow your budget, no matter how much you're tempted to go over it.

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