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Winter can mean feeling wearier and less motivated than in summer, and colds and flu just become part of the wallpaper of our daily lives. It’s so important to get vaccinated to stop spread of colds and flu as they can become a severe illness for the more vulnerable in our society who often cannot be vaccinated themselves (e.g. very young babies). Washing hands thoroughly is also a good measure to help prevent the spread of winter illnesses. If you’re coughing and sneezing, you may be spreading germs, so consider staying away from work or school until your health improves. Babies and small children can get sick very easily if you cough and sneeze around them.

Eat healthy, and exercise

Eating healthy foods, including plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, helps build your immunity. Eat lean meat and fish and try to cut down on your sugar and salt intake.

Increasing exposure to light is important in winter to help with Vitamin D levels. A deficiency of Vitamin D leads to frail bones and sometimes low moods and SAD (seasonal affective disorder). Some health practitioners recommend taking a Vitamin D supplement during winter.

A 30-minute walk outside each day ticks all the boxes; it gets you some fresh air, light, and exercise. As a bonus, exercise is beneficial for both physical and mental well being, so its a win-win.

Enjoy it!

Enjoy winter as much as possible – and make an effort to connect with people. Wrap up warm and meet some friends for a walk around the neighbourhood, go to the gym, or go the library or to the movies. Getting out and about rather than staying shut inside will make the winter months easier, especially if you have a tendency to feel a bit down at this time of year.

Talk to us. We can give flu vaccinations, and advice about supplements to relieve the distress of winter coughs and colds. The trained staff at Clive’s Chemist will ask you about your symptoms and recommend a treatment specifically for you.