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Although the weather has been warm lately, and large parts of the country are experiencing drought conditions, autumn and cooler temperatures are not far around the corner. So that means it’s time to start thinking about strengthening our immune systems before colds and flu start making their rounds. 

Clive’s immune-boosting regime

Clive follows the same routine every year to help stay healthy through the winter months:

  1. He always gets immunised for the flu. Flu shots are free for over-65s, for those with a medical condition, and those who are pregnant. This is the best protection against the influenza virus you can give yourself. We can give you your injection at the pharmacy – quick and easy.
  2. He always gives his immune a system a boost with Buccaline and Vir-Defence. Both these products help to bolster your body’s defences against all sorts of winter bugs, and are available at the pharmacy. Buccaline tablets help protect against bacterial colds and chills. Vir-Defence capsules contain herbal extracts such as olive leaf, low-odour garlic, and Echinacea that naturally enhance the body’s immune system.
  3. He tries to get as much sunshine, fresh air, and good sleep as possible in the winter months. Sunshine and fresh air always make us feel good and help to beat the winter blues. Our bodies manufacture vitamin D, the “sunshine vitamin,” when our bare skin is exposed to the sun.
  4. He tries to exercise for half an hour at least three to four times per week. In fact he is training for a half marathon in May! Regular moderate exercise improves overall fitness, and helps boost the body’s natural defences against infections.
  5. He tries to keep the “Happy Chemist” attitude during the dark winter months. This year he has decided to stop complaining about the weather, and focus more on the positives of life!

Our staff at Clive’s Chemist are always available to answer any questions you might have.