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Health and Beauty Consultants



Meet Kirsten,

our cosmetics guru! Kirsten always gets a real thrill out of helping ladies choose their cosmetics and making sure they get something that suits their skin type and makes the most of their best features. Kirsten has an infectious laugh and keeps everyone at work on their toes. And because she is our retail manager the retail side of the pharmacy is kept pumping.



Natural Health Expert



Meet Rana,

who has the retail attitude pumping in her veins. Rana is always here to help you with your non-prescription medicines, and is our natural health expert. She is a busy mum committed to raising her family, and does a fantastic job of juggling home and work!


Gifting Consultant



Meet Julie,

Mother of two, Julie is one of the most caring people you will ever meet, in-fact she even has her own fan club - honest! Much of Julie's time is spent working with our elderly customers who appreciate her warm welcoming attitude and friendly smile! Julie is fabulous at choosing our range of gifts for the shop. She keeps that area of the business fresh and beautifully displayed.


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