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A number of vaccinations are now available at Clive's  to keep you and your family well. Lots of people chose to have their flu vaccine at Clive's,  and now we also offer whooping cough protection (to adults),  Meningococcal disease protection (age 16+), and the shingles vaccine.

If you are over 65  or if you are pregnant your flu Vaccination will be free.  

Influenza Vaccination

Around one in four New Zealanders are infected with influenza each year.  Many people won't feel sick at all, but can still pass it on to others.

Influenza can be anywhere.  Contact with the influenza virus is almost unavoidable, and while contact does not necessarily mean infection, it does mean that you are never far from the possibility of catching influenza.

Influenza, commonly called the flu, can be a serious illness that is sometimes fatal.  Infection with influenza virus may lead to a stay in hospital for any age group but particularly if you are elderly or have an ongoing medical condition.  Ifnfluenza can make an existing medical condition, such as asthma or diabetes, a lot worse.

Even if you do not end up in hospital, influenza can keep you in bed for a week or more, preventing you from doing work, sport or just about anything that requires leaving the house.

By immunising against influenza you can protect yourself and lessen the chance of bringing it home to a baby, older relative, or someone with a medical condition who could develop serious complications from influenza.

Get immunised early before the influenza season starts.

This is a convenient and easily accessible service without an appointment.


The pharmacists at Clive's Chemist will come to your workplace (in the Wellington region)  to vaccinate the staff.  If you are interested in finding out about this service email or phone 04 5648618.


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