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We at Clive's Chemist take your health seriously!
For this reason we have decided to make some big changes to protect against COVID-19 (Coronavirus) in Wainuiomata.
We want to be able to continue to serve you our community while protecting you, your families, our elderly & ourselves... ultimately SAVING LIVES!
What does this mean for you?

One of our staff will meet you at our door to ask you a few questions & to fill out a form, please don't be offended!
We will be restricting entry into our store from today to ten people at a time in order to be able to respect social distancing.. please be patient!
Please ask your doctors to fax or email your prescriptions to us, (we will contact them to request this directly too). This will ensure limited waiting times in-store. (Let us know if you would prefer your prescriptions delivered, we will not charge for fax or for delivery. Please allow 24- 48 hours for delivery, let us know if it is urgent!
We encourage our customers who are over 70 to stay home... we will deliver all your prescriptions.. please allow 24-48 hours for delivery, let us know if it is urgent!
There will be a wait for urgent prescriptions of up to two hours to allow for our extra work load. We can text you when your prescriptions are ready.
Non-essential services like passport photos & ear-piercing are restricted at this time. Please call us first.
Flu vaccinations for those over 65 years of age, those with a chronic condition (i.e. most heart & lung conditions), pregnant women & health care workers have started. We will continue to do these. As requested by the Ministry of Health all other Flu vaccinations for 13 years & older that we are normally able to do will be available from Monday 13th of April.
INR Testing will continue are per usual.
While we still accept cash at this stage, we prefer payments made by Eftpos or credit card; we also accept PayWave.

Please be patient & kind with & to us during these changes though we know you will be supportive & understanding!
Most of all... BE HAPPY & TAKE CARE!

Thank you!
From Clive & the Happy Chemist Crew!

Welcome to Clive’s Chemist, known by our customers as The Happy Chemist

Clive’s Chemist is an independent pharmacy, providing friendly and professional advice for your health and wellbeing. The home of natural health, we work to make Wainuiomata the healthiest and happiest town in New Zealand.

Of course we do prescriptions every minute of the day. But we also have a huge selection of beautiful gifts, natural health products and a large range of health checks and consultations in our private clinic - no appointment necessary!

Our team love to have fun and never miss an opportunity for a laugh or a good time.

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