Clive's Christmas Survival Tips

Christmas is great, but it can be very stressful.  Here are five things I do to make it as simple, and enjoyable as possible.

  1. I prepare early. One thing I have learned is that is fatal to leave everything to the last minute. Planning means you have everything covered, and it is better for the budget.

  2. Self-care is vital. There is no denying that Christmas is a busy time. In the past I have let my own self-care – exercise, lunch breaks, and healthy eating go by the board. I can’t help anyone if I am running on empty, and neither can you.

  3. I can’t please everyone. As someone who likes to make people happy, this one is tough to put into practice. But it is essential. I set my boundaries and constraints, and work within them. This means I retain some margin in my life, and some sanity!

  4. Christmas is primarily about family, friendship and celebrating the connections and beliefs we have. The presents and food are secondary and are only there as support.

  5. It’s only one day! There is life beyond December 25th. 2024 awaits.


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