What Christmas Means to Clive

Almost every day I hear someone say that ‘It doesn’t feel like Christmas this year.’  I certainly agree, especially as I have spent the last week with Covid, totally isolated from the Christmas rush and spirit. But it made me wonder why we say that, and what are we comparing it to?

Personally, Christmas for me now is different to when I grew up – the anticipation of Santa, Mum’s White Christmas and Apricot Buttons, and the busyness of carolling most nights with the Salvation Army band.

Last year we turned Christmas on its head.  Our kids are grown and now split Christmas with us and the in-laws.  So, we decided to draw on my wife’s Polish heritage and celebrate on Christmas Eve, which freed up the children on Christmas Day.  We merged Polish and Kiwi traditions and rituals – Wigilia, Opłatek, and an empty seat at the table; with crackers, ham, custard, and Christmas pudding.

It was one of the best family Christmases we have ever had. Unlike any I had grown up with, but no less meaningful or special. My dad had a ball!

So now I think that each Christmas will be new and fresh, and shouldn’t be like, or compared with other years. Yes, it’s a time of reflection, and family.  But now I realise that every year as we change and life changes, so will Christmas.  I enjoy the nostalgia of childhood Christmases, and equally love the freshness of Christmas today.

So, I’m looking forward to Dec 25th 2023, 2024 and onwards with great anticipation.  What will Christmas mean to me next year?  Not sure yet, but it will be fabulous.

Merry Christmas Everyone.  I truly hope that however Christmas is celebrated, for 2023 and beyond, it will be as meaningful and special for you as it is for me.


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