Life Isn’t Always in a Straight Line

Last year, our whānau faced an unexpected crisis when my wife fell seriously ill. It made me realise that no one is exempt from the harsh realities of life. Although it was a difficult and unpleasant time, the experience has taught me a few things.

How do we know what strength we have, or what we are capable of unless we are challenged?

Looking back, I realise that coping with many small situations has strengthened me to face big situations. Every time I make a hard decision, or go through a challenging situation, it builds strength in me. Then, when faced with the “big one”, there is a capacity built up over many years to handle it.

Bad situations also allow us to develop wisdom and experience that will benefit others. To be honest, life up too this point for me has been a bit cruisy. But in the recent circumstances, both my wife and I were taken to the edge of the cliff and had to look at the rocks below. Having experienced what it feels like to be in that place, I am hopeful this will make me a better husband, father, friend, pharmacist, and boss. We don’t need to be afraid of helping others who are going through a bad time. There is a saying:

“We are comforted in our troubles so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received.” 

And the most important lesson of all for Lee and I was that we are loved. Friends, family, and customers all offered practical help, encouragement, and support. The assistance was genuine, and at times unexpected. And it got us through.

Bad situations can help us to be better equipped and strengthened to deal with life’s challenges.

That doesn’t mean we should seek out hardship and difficulty, but when it comes we don’t need to fear it.

~ Clive


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