Picking up the Pieces

All of us have faced challenges over the last six weeks. We all have been saddened by the daily reports of those who have lost their lives, and the everlasting loss for their whānau and friends.

A lot of small businesses – the backbone of our economy – will never be the same.  When they reopen it will be to a new world and a new way of doing business.

Many people have lost their jobs or will return to a workplace that is irrevocably changed.
So how do we face such an uncertainty? Some say the impacts of the last month will be with us for years.

I heard someone say that after the Covid pandemic is over, that the pieces will still be there, and that if we have a mind to, we can rebuild. In fact, they suggested that we could build something better than we had before.

This thought has inspired me to focus once more on the future. It has inspired me to think about the good things that I had before, the lessons I have learnt during the pandemic, and how to combine the two.

Before Covid I had a successful business, and am grateful for being able to operate during lockdown. But I have learnt how important it is to consider people more over the last month – my family, my staff, my customers, and my community. I have learnt that I do not have to bend to everyone’s demands, because if I do, one day I will snap. And I have realised how quickly life can change. It is so important to “plan for the future, yet live for today”.

Now my challenge is to deliberately keep those lessons front and centre. My challenge is to stand firm, and not get sucked back into old habits and perspectives. 

My challenge is to pick up the pieces and start building again. 

Will you join me?

~ Clive


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