Staying Ahead of the Game

March is the toughest month for pharmacists. It’s the month when we send in our annual portfolio of learning to the Pharmacy Council. This is one of the criteria enabling us to maintain our registration.

No one enjoys it. Although we have had 12 months to prepare, like Christmas, inevitably everything is left to the last minute as we scramble to document all the meetings, seminars, and workshops we have attended over the previous year.

Generally, it is the things that we enjoy or see a purpose in that get done. I figured that I needed to change my attitude about the whole portfolio process. This got me thinking about why keeping current, not only at work, but also with technology, music, hobbies, and current affairs is so important.

The world is constantly changing. Many of the things I knew 10 years ago are no longer valid. Many of the things I will need to know in 10 years’ time are still vague concepts. This state of flux requires a continuing investment in learning and staying up to date.

Maintaining my curiosity about life and finding better ways to live will always prompt me to question and learn. Also, people who keep up to speed with things are just better to be around. Their opinions are more refreshing. Their anecdotes are funnier, and their positive attitude is infectious.

These are good reasons to be interested in the world around me. Mahatma Gandhi said, “Learn as if you were to live forever.”

I figure that most people won’t be bothered to put in the effort. Anyone who does will be ahead of the game.

~ Clive


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