What Can I Give Someone Who’s at the End of Their Life?

Over the period of a month recently, our family faced a crisis, and this gave me pause to remind myself what the important things are in life.

While visiting the hospital I came into contact with many people at the end of their lives. It was sad, confronting, and thought-provoking. I witnessed families facing hard decisions about the ongoing care of loved ones. Or, sadly, how to make their last days as comfortable as possible.  

The patients in the ward had obviously lived full and happy lives. This was clear from the visitors and the snippets of conversation overheard in passing.

What can I give to my family and close friends when – or if – they are facing the same challenging situation? What are the essentially important things when all the trappings of life have been taken away?

For me, there are three things that I can give people at that stage of living:

  1. Let them know that are cared for, and that all their physical needs are being looked after.
  2. Let them know they are loved.
  3. Let them know that they made a difference in someone’s life.

If someone did that for me, I would die happy.

~ Clive


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