Aspiration or Arrogance?

There are a few things in life that I really enjoy doing. One is relaxing and having a good laugh with friends. Another is watching rugby, particularly the All Blacks. Another is reading a good biography or autobiography.

So, to combine two of these, I have just finished reading Wyatt Crockett’s biography Croczilla – a very good read, particularly as we are on the cusp of another rugby world cup.
This quote on page 160 caught my eye:

“There have been many accusations made against the All Blacks over the years, but the one that frustrates the team more than any other is that they are an arrogant side. There is nothing arrogant about being aspirational or having the expectation to succeed. Aspiration is the result of imagining and imagination is the engine room for our hopes and dreams. An expectation to succeed is merely an invitation to work hard and to seek perfection in everything you do. These are not bad things, and they are certainly not built upon arrogance. They are at the very heart of what All Blacks teams do: they picture success and they try to achieve it."

The All Blacks strive to be successful. They are focused, determined, and single-minded in their pursuit of excellence and perfection. Interestingly, they are not driven by winning. Winning comes because of excellence.

It’s so easy to be pulled down to the level of mediocrity where near enough is good enough. But I suggest that we should all take a leaf out of the All Blacks’ play book and strive for perfection.

Who knows the level that would take us do as individuals and as a community?

Go be perfect All Blacks. I’ll be backing you 100%!

~ Clive


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